How to apply to adopt one of our dogs

Visit our Available Dogs page.

Click on the dog you’re interested in adopting.

Click on the Apply Now button on their page.

Fill out the application form, and hit send.

Be sure you hit send on or after 7:00 PM on the day they become available.

Early applications are not accepted and will be deleted.

I’ve sent in my application, what’s next?

Wait! Our Director of Adoptions ensures that all applicants are notified if their application has been received.

If you do not receive an email after 3-5 business days, check your spam folder.

If you are successful, you will be contacted by the foster of the dog within a day or two.

Don’t lose hope if you are not first in line, if the first application does not work out, we will move on to the next!

BEDR’s Adoption Process

1. Application review

Our Director of Adoptions reviews applications in the order that they are received. The first appropriate application (i.e. no red flags, form filled out correctly, home would be appropriate for the dog in question) is sent to the foster home for secondary review. This typically happens within a couple of days of the application being received, as sometimes there are many dogs and many applications to review.

2. Contact applicant

If the foster agrees that this application is appropriate, then they will email and/or call the applicant that day with more information on the dog, and requesting a response to indicate that they are still interested. The applicant is given 72 hours to respond in the affirmative with a plan to move forward. If no response/committment is received, the foster will request the next applicant in line from the Director of Adoptions and move on.

3. Meet and greet

If the applicant responds to the foster’s outreach and would like to move forward, next a meet and greet with all members of the household (human and animal!) is arranged. A home check will be arranged around the same time, and a read-only version of the contract will be shared for the applicant to review ahead of time. This typically happens within a day or two of contact, unless special circumstances apply. After the meet and greet occurs, the applicant has 24 hours to decide if they are going to adopt or pass.

4. Paperwork and fees

If the meet and greet goes well, the home check passes, and the applicant would like to formally adopt the dog, next the paperwork has to be signed, and an e-transfer of the fee sent. This typically happens on the same day, or within a day or two, of the meet and greet, unless special circumstances apply.

No dog can leave the BEDR foster’s care without these steps all being completed.

BEDR will make every effort to work with potential adopters towards a successful adoption, however we reserve the right to terminate an application at any time if it is deemed inappropriate, incomplete, or inaccurate.

We strive for the entire adoption process to take place within one week.

View a read-only version of our adoption contract here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does BEDR adopt outside of Saskatchewan?

Yes, so long as the adoption takes place within a reasonable timeframe as described in the adoption process above, we often approve adoptions out of province. Keep in mind that you will be responsible to make travel arrangements and cover all costs.

What does my dog come with?

All of our dogs will have current up to date core vaccinations (not including rabies), will have been de-wormed, and microchipped. We provide a vet record and adopter copies of the adoption contract and microchip form. We may also provide some of their food for you to transition their diet. The rest is up to the owner to supply!

Will my dog be spayed / neutered?

Only dogs that are 6 months old or older will be spayed / neutered by BEDR, unless special circumstances apply.

I sent my application in right at 7:00 PM, how am I not first in line?

Sometimes we receive many applications exactly at 7:00 PM. In the case of high-desired breeds, we often receive 50+ applications at 7:00 PM on the dot! Our system sends the applications in order by the nano-second!

Can I apply for multiple dogs on my application form?

You can list more than one dog on your application form, just make sure to put their names in order of preference if applicable. Please note that we do not adopt out more than one puppy to a single household due to the risk of littermate syndrome.

When will I hear back on the status of my application?

Due to the extremely high volume of applications we recieve on a daily basis, we are only able to contact successful applicants. Don’t lose hope, sometimes the applicant(s) ahead of you do not proceed, and you could still be contacted. Watch your inbox and check your spam regularly!

Can I adopt more than one puppy to my home?

No, due to the risk of littermate syndrome, we do not allow multiple puppies to be adopted out to the same household.

Who do I contact with my proof of spay/neuter to get my deposit back?

Please email your proof of spay/neuter to

BEDR’s Fee Structure

Fees cover vet bills, microchip, food, and basic care for each of our dogs in care.


$300 + $150 spay/neuter deposit (returned to adopter upon proof).Prices may be different. Check individual bios.

Adult dogs

$300 Fees may be different. Check individual bios.

Medical case dogs

$400 + $200 tax receipted donation

High desired puppies

Such as small breed, low-shedding, purebred etc. 

$400 + $150 spay/neuter deposit (returned to adopter upon proof) Fees may be different. Check individual bios.

High desired adult dogs

Such as small breed, low-shedding, purebred etc. Fees may be different. Check individual bios.


Adoptions Do’s & Don’ts

Forget the dog's name in the application

It’s OK to list more than one (in order of preference), but just listing “the Maltese” or “the white puppy” won’t cut it as it’s not clear which dog you are referring to, and it indicates that the applicant did not take the time to truly read-up on the dog, but rather is just interested in the breed or it’s physical characteristics.

Read the bio before asking about a dog

We can’t stress this enough. We get so many questions in our inbox, phone calls, and emails that all could have been answered if the applicant simply read all the information in their bio on the Available Dogs page.

Keep applying if you are not successful

We don’t keep applications on file, so each new dog is a new slate for applications. We are entirely volunteer run, and we don’t have the resources or capacity to call people previously interested in similar dogs.

Try to sway us with sob stories

It breaks our heart to read about sad stories of pets passing away or desperately needing companions, but the fact is we receive many of these stories on a daily basis, and that is why we must use our fair system.

Try to bribe us with extra money

If you want to make a donation to our rescue, that’s amazing! Thank you! But we’re still going to use the first-come-first served application system, for appropriate applicants, as that is the fairest. Offering to pay more for the dog won’t get you bumped up the list.

Send rude or threatening messages

No matter how frustrated you might be. Our organization is run entirely by volunteers with the dog’s best interests at heart. Abuse is never acceptable.