BEDR in the Community

You host the event,

we bring the dogs!

We love to get out in to the community!
If you’re having an event and would like us to attend, don’t hesitate to ask us. We have a full team of volunteers ready to attend the event, talk about what we do, and of course bring along some of our dogs and pups in care. Because what’s better at an event than puppies ?
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BEDR Wedding Services

Our team of professional and dedicated volunteers are available for both bartending and ticket selling on your wedding day, at $15 per volunteer per hour.
All fees and donations raised go directly back into looking after the dogs in our care. Additional donations that are popular amongst the brides and grooms include donations made from the kissing jar, and donating cans and bottles from the event that we can recycle at SARCAN to raise funds.
Our volunteers have received special occasion permit training to ensure we serve you and your guests responsibly.
For more information please email
Please note that BEDR does not offer security or transportation services.