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Surrender A Dog

Please remember we are a foster based dog rescue focused on injured, stray, neglected and abandoned dogs and occasionally owner surrendered dogs. If you wish to SURRENDER a dog, please click here to complete the form.

I Found a Stray Dog

Here are some steps you can take to reunite a lost animal with their owner:

1. Take the animal to any veterinary clinic to have them scanned for a microchip, at no cost to you!

2. Check local social media for lost postings. (Ex. Regina Lost & Found Dogs, community or town groups, etc.)

3. Post in those social media groups that you’ve found a dog. Share a picture but try to keep one identifying feature a secret to help you confirm ownership. (Ex. Collar/harness colour, male/female, maybe a unique marking, etc.)

4. Contact local humane societies – people will often check there first! In Regina, you can fill out a found pet form:

5. Go ‘old-school’ and print posters to hang up around town and in the area you found the animal. 6. If you are unable to house the animal until their owner is found; see if a neighbour or friend can, contact a shelter – be careful who you give the animal too as their intentions may be to keep the pet.

Please DO NOT keep a found pet without attempting to find its owner. Pets are often considered part of the family and can be a very scary, heartbreaking and stressful situation.

Accidents happen and animals get away, don’t judge a person for having a lost pet. If a pet is continuously loose, contact animal control, or take it to your local humane society.

Adoption Inquiry

If you are looking to contact us regarding an application or an available dog, please visit the Adopt page for more information on our adoption process.

If you are expecting a response from us, please check your junk mail first.

Spay/Neuter Deposit

As per the BEDR Adoption Contract, if an Adopter has spayed or neutered their dog within 30 days from the date the dog turns 8 months old (unless a veterinarian has made a contrary recommendation and notice to the Rescue is made), the Adopter is entitled to the return of their spay/neuter deposit provided that they provide proof within 1 year of the procedure.

Sufficient proof can include:
– A clear picture of the certificate of spay or neuter;
– A clear picture of the invoice showing payment for the procedure;
– A vaccination record showing “SF” or“ NM”; or
– A city or community license showing sterilization.

Please email your proof of spay/neuter to


Donation Inquiry

Whether you wish to make a monetary donation, drop off supplies, or arrange for an in-kind service donation, we are so grateful!

Please visit the Donate page for additional information.

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