The Breakfast Bunch came into care in June 2019, Hashbrown and her 4 siblings were just two weeks old at the time. Miss Hashbrown was the only little girl and never let that stand in her way from wrestling with her 4 BIG brothers. When she arrived she had a significant wound on her spine which was the result of a dog bite. At that time she was unable to move her 4 legs. Her road to recovery started at just 3 weeks old with acupuncture and physiotherapy. A few weeks later her front legs started to work, however due to the nerve damage in her spine her back legs were not so cooperative.
Hash and her foster family had a special relationship with Dr. Hudye and all of the staff at Veterinary Mobility Clinic, as they watched first hand the progress Hash made in her many visits for treatments. Her foster family made changes to accommodate Hash in their home, from special beds, ramps for her wheels and special treatments to keep her legs healthy. It was a privilege for anyone to meet Hash, she had a way of making even the grumpiest non dog lover smile. There was this twinkle in her eyes, and you just knew she was ready to melt the heart of anyone that she came across.
Hash made many friends (both human and dog) at The Dawg House during her visits there over the years. She loved to run around with the other dogs, and could still keep up with the big boys. When Hash turned 2 in May, her foster family went all out with a birthday bash that anyone (or dog) would be envious of. Just look at that picture and you will understand the love that her foster family had for her. In May she competed in the BEDR HQ photo contest for a chance to be featured on the windows at the new building. Of course she came in the top 3 and will be front and center for all to see.
Without the use of her back legs, Hashbrown’s spine had fused and started to twist. Though she was always happy and outgoing, she was also in much pain each day as the twist worsened. Unfortunately, there is no surgery that can be preformed to correct this. To prevent any further pain, the decision was made to let her pass on peacefully in the arms of her loving foster family. Miss Hashbrown had one foster family throughout and they never gave up on her, and Hash never gave up either. From her foster family: “We can not put into words how amazing BEDR has been with us and Hash throughout our journey not to mention the expenses; she was a million dollar dog. Our house will definitely not be the same without her thumping, her smile and outgoing personality. We did what Hash needed to be done and would not change a thing if we had a chance to do it all over again. Our beautiful baby girl...be free of pain and run as you never have before. We will forever be grateful for what you have shown the world Hash, “when the going gets tough keep on trying”.