Kashi and the Cereal Litter
Picture the headlines 'Mom gives birth on the Highway'. This is what happened to Kashi. Her foster mom was expecting to pick up a pregnant pup in Regina and make it home before the action started, but Kashi couldn't wait. Kashi already had 3 of her pups in Regina at BEDR HQ by the time the foster made it to Regina. She was then loaded up to make the 2-1/2 hour trip to her new foster home and continued to labour in the vehicle.
Being a foster brings many new experiences, a labouring pup while driving on Saskatchewan highways in the winter was a new one for this experienced foster. By the time they made it home, Kashi had delivered 4 more pups in the back bringing the total to 7. Mom and pups got settled into their new home and Kashi welcomed another 4 pups for a grand total of 11!
Meet the Cereal Litter: Cocoa Puff, Krispie, Chex, Wheaties, Cheerios, Frosted Flakes, Bran Flakes, Sugar Crisp, Mini Wheat, Shreddie & Trix. They will be up for adoption in March 2022!
Bright Eyes Dog Rescue depends on donations to care for the pups. Momma has to be fed high protein food in order to feed her 11 babies. Then as they grow up that is 11 new mouths to feed until adoption day. You can also imagine the amount of pee pads the foster will go through for these 11 babies, so many pee pads. These pups and mom are up for adoption in March 2022