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Ruff Repair Balm

Keep your pup’s paws and nose moisturized and protected with Ruff Repair balm! 🐾🐶

Ruff Repair balm uses sustainable hand-gathered ingredients to keep your doggo moisturized💧and heal dry noses, pads, and abrasions. 

The product uses no essential oils and is packaged in biodegradable/compostable kraft paper push up sticks. You can learn more about the product here:

👉Cost per item is $28.00 (no tax)

👉30% of all proceeds will go to BEDR

Here’s how you can partake in the RUFF REPAIR balm fundraiser👇

✅Contact Marcy at to order

✅Payment to be arranged with Marcy directly.


Separate your recycling at home by putting plastics, cartons and aluminum cans into bags and glass beverage containers into boxes (don’t forget your milk containers)!

  • Visit any SARCAN depot Drop & Go.
  • Type in the group phrase BEDR.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen.
  • Label your order and go!

Your order will be processed and the deposit refund will be paid directly to Bright Eyes Dog Rescue. It is that simple!


TagsForHope logo

Keep your pets safe with the most effective tags.

Many options to choose from.

Fully Customizable.

They also have wallet cards, passports, leashes and collars.

35% of each purchase is donated to BEDR.

Our friends at J & J White Farms in Lumsden have some amazing local produce, full of nutrients and heart-and-soul goodness that can only be found on a truly certified organic farm.🌾🤠

15% of sales will be donated back to BEDR dogs in care.