Bellatrix is a Latin word for female warrior and this little girl sure is a warrior! 💪 Two of our amazing fosters had already been bottle feeding no less than 9 newborn puppies for 4 days straight...Then they received a call from BEDR Directors about a 5-day old female puppy that had been picked up from a barn, who was not thriving, and was on her way to Regina! Of course, these super stars took in this poor baby girl Bellatrix!
When this little pup arrived, it was clear that this babe was near death. Skin would stick up if pinched from being sooooo dehydrated and almost zero movement from her. Her tongue was so dry that it was grey and stuck to the bottom of her mouth. She was not doing good. These earth-angels kicked it into high gear and put the nurses caps on to help Bellatrix out! They were taught how to do SubQ fluids which is a needle under her skin on her back, and Electrolyte fluids pushed in so her body can absorb it quickly. 😷 They also got our supplement supplies out again and syringe fed her some warm milk to fill her belly.
Bellatrix was then introduced to her to current foster mama Patches and her giant 10 day old babies, and wouldn't you know it this little girl fit right in! Patches took her in as one of her own and is mothering her as well! She spent all night being nice a warm with her new mama and 6 siblings!
While Bellatrix is not out of the woods yet, she is proving that she is a fighter and wants to live! Her dedicated fosters will continue the fluids and syringe feeding milk for a few days to get Bellatrix strong enough to drink milk from Patches on her own! After a few weeks with her fosters, Bellatrix was ready to be adopted. She is thriving with her new family!