Big Mac
Big Mac came into care with BEDR, in April of 2017, through Angels of Hope Rescue and the RCMP. A resident had noticed that a dog was still hanging close to what was now an empty home. He was observed going to the crossroads, then back home. His condition was worsening and he needed help quickly. On intake, he was severely matted and covered in ticks. The priority was to get him to the groomer to remove his coat so a vet could better see and assess his needs. Posh Paws Grooming removed 3 kg of mats, debris and ticks. One mat on his tail was the size of a pineapple. He could not hold his head up as he was so weak. A thorough assessment at Animal Clinic of Regina determined that the biggest concern was his malnourishment. He weighed 40 kg instead of what should have been 80 kg. We could not allow him to binge eat for the risk of “re-feeding syndrome” where a malnourished animal cannot process high nutrient food post-starvation. So the process of 4 meals a day of very small amount began, slowing increasing until he started gaining weight.
Not ill but in need of rehab, when he grew strong enough, BEDR decided to take him to certain events to help educate the public with regards to the poor condition some of these dogs are in when we take them into care. His gentle nature stole many hearts! Five months later, the Veterinary care team deemed him healthy for adoption, and he was quick to find a fabulous home where he was showered with love. Renamed Gibson, he visited us at a few events. Sadly, in November 2018, Gibson’s family notified us that he had suffered a heart attack and crossed the Rainbow Bridge. In his year with them, he had lived the best life of love, adventure and never worrying where his next meal was coming from. He was such a kind and loving soul.