In November of 2019, Boss came into BEDR care and went straight to the University Vet in Saskatoon. Boss had been hit by a vehicle and had suffered a fractured pelvis, spine, ribs and required an FHO Surgery (hip and femur). His road to recovery was going to be long, but BEDR was up for the challenge. At first he needed to rest, relax and heal which can be difficult to do with an 8 month old puppy. At the beginning of December, he was ready to begin rehab at the Veterinary Mobility Center three times a week.
Most days Boss was ready and willing to take part in his rehab but the jars of peanut butter were the real incentive for him. On the days that he went into the water treadmill, the staff would smear the peanut butter on the glass at the front of the treadmill to keep him walking. No matter where they hid that jar of peanut butter, Boss would find it. The transformation in his mobility to his back leg was starting to show, no longer did you hear the paw drag across the kitchen floor when he was coming to check out what was for dinner.
After a few months of rehab, Boss was able to increase his daily walks from 5-15 min to whatever was needed to release his energy. He loved to go for a walk and day by day his strength and muscles were increasing. For months Boss didn't have the usual tail wags that other dogs have, his tail was just there hanging out waiting for the strength to be usable. As you can see from the picture to the right, it was a proud moment for his Foster family when his tail stood tall and proud.
After almost 6 months of regular rehab, this boy was ready to find his furever home. With that beautiful face we knew it wouldn't be long for him to find his new family. On May 31, 2020 Boss went to live at his new home in Rural Saskatchewan, and runs daily in his huge yard. As you can imagine the rehab visits are costly to BEDR and as a charity we are funded solely through donations and fundraising. Please consider making a donation or purchasing something through one of our fundraisers so that we can continue to help dogs like Boss.