Cece & The New Girl Litter
⚠️ Warning - Graphic details and images ahead ⚠️
This sweet little mama was in our medical care with her 4 tiny newborn pups. The previous owner did not want her anymore, and she had been attacked by another dog and left with an untreated injury. The injury got infected and infested with maggots! It was a nightmare getting the poor girl cleaned up, removal of dead tissue, and carefully treated for recovery...all while caring for her babies too. Cases like these are very hard on our volunteers.
Say hello to Cece, and her "New Girl" litter of pups - she's doing GREAT! The picture below shows her healing Day 1, 3, and 7 after surgery. Cece remained in our care until she was fully healed. Just look at that happy girl.
Cece and all of her pups have gone on to live their BEDR life. It's the generosity of this community that allow us to save these animals.