Dumpster to Royalty
Bright Eyes Dog Rescue was notified by a community member that they had found puppies they believe were left behind by a stray dog located at a garbage dump in the province. Two volunteers from the rescue went down to the garbage dump and gathered three puppies on Friday. Both volunteers kept feeling there had to be more. So they went back on Sunday around 9:30am. About 40 mins to an hour of searching the whole dump, four more were found living under a mattress.
They were able to catch two of the pups right away, but the other two ran. They baited the spot with stinky food, left for 20 mins and returned to find them back in the same spot, but again they got away. They used the dump resources of cardboard and an old TV to block off the paths that they were not able to chase them through. With one volunteer behind their mattress den, the other volunteer came in front and spooked them out. They ran right into the cardboard trap and were finally caught around noon. Four more feral pups get the chance at a BEDR life!
They are absolutely terrified right now and really are not sure the bathing, brushing or snuggling is really as good as we told them it is. In a few days they will see how nice it is and when they are ready, they will get amazing homes.
Dump-dogs no more...meet the Royal Litter! Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles Prince of Wales, Prince William Duke of Cambridge, Kate Middleton Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Harry Duke of Sussex, Prince George of Cambridge and Princess Charlotte of Cambridge. All of these pups have moved on to a BEDR life!