Julian was one of four dogs surrendered when one of the owners passed away and the other owner made the difficult decision to find new homes for these pups. He came in with a face full of quills, covered in ticks and in desperate need of a grooming. First stop was the vet to deal with the quills, all were removed and he was given antibiotics and pain meds to make sure he was comfortable. Next he was off to BEDR HQ for tick removal, the guesstimate is that there were around 100 ticks on this boy. BEDR HQ is a wonderful place to keep these new intakes until they are ready to for their foster family, it gives BEDR the opportunity to have a safe and clean environment to make sure there is nothing on these pups before entering the foster home. Nobody likes ticks and fleas coming into their house!
As with any foster that comes into care with quills, Julian would need an extended stay to make sure there were no hidden quills. About a month after Julian came into care, his foster found another quill. His stay in foster care was extended again to make sure there were no others. Julian was scared and very shy when he first came into care, but he still had a wagging tail and a happy greeting to anyone that came into the building. Many dogs that come into care 'pancake' or 'hit the deck' as we call it, as soon as they need to move or be on a leash they just lay flat as a pancake and won't move. Julian needed to be carried from place to place at first (not an easy thing with a 65lb dog) but we do what we need to do to make these pups feel safe and comfortable. It didn't take long for Julian to enjoy the air conditioning, comfy beds, and his foster siblings.
He had an instant connection with the other dog in the home (Zoey) and even closer connection with the cat. Bo, the cat, approached him the first night with no fear and would sit close by watching. The first time that Julian came up from the porch on his own was to follow Bo. They will lay together and clean each or play. Zoey and Julian have a connection that she has never had with another dog. She has only corrected him a few times during play and will allow him to get close. She was never like this with other dogs.
From his new family: He is so gentle in every way and so silly when he gets excited. He is the epitome of a gentle giant. We are still working on how to play with toys with humans, but he does like to play keep away or tug with his dog sister. He trusts wholeheartedly and just loves to be around everyone. The only thing we have to watch for is a flying paw when you stop petting him.