BEDR was contacted by RCMP about an emaciated dog they removed that needed immediate rescue placement. She not only was very thin, but she also had a funny walk that made the RCMP Rescuer question if she also had an old pelvis or leg break issue. The next day she was transported to to the University Small Animal Clinic in Saskatoon. It’s was very likely that Samantha would need surgery or even amputation. What was known for sure was that her body rating was a 2 out of 9, she was that thin. Amazingly, the staff at the clinic could not stop telling us how sweet a dog she was - they were are all in love.
Sam was x-rayed in Saskatoon and the abscess on her chest was the biggest concern as it revealed it had eaten about 1/4 of one of the top sternum bones. BEDR had to move several thousands of dollars from our medical fund to pay for costs to remove the nasty infected bone. Her leg was broken mid femur and her knee was popping in and out of the joint as well. The incredible team at the clinic continued to tell us how soft-hearted and lovely Samantha was – her personality shines, despite what she has been through.
Thanks to the love and care of her dedicated foster mama, Samantha was well on her way to recovery! In the picture below she is doing some water therapy at the Veterinary Mobility Center. She wasn't a huge fan of water, but the treats and lots of encouragement sure helped! Her weight had gone from 16.4kg to 17.2kg in 9 days. Sam was doing phenomenal with her hard work at physio.
After many appointments at Vet Mobility, the medical team told BEDR that there was no reason she had to lose her leg with the strengthening exercises she was doing. Her walk will always be a tad different, but her leg will be functional, and that's the best outcome we could have hoped for! Sam was ready to find her new family. In August 2022, she found her new family and is living her BEDR life.