Scout arrived into BEDR care on Dec. 7, 2014. He was a puppy who was born at a farm in Southwestern Saskatchewan, and was the primary reason the owner contacted rescue for help. Scout was born without front legs and needed to get off the farm before the cold part of winter set in. Rather than just rescue Scout alone, a rescue mission was launched…Check out our next Rescue Tail: Southwestern 28 and a Horse! It was decided that Scout would remain in Bright Eyes care due to the cost of his equipment and his therapy which required rehabilitation with Dr Hudye (now Veterinary Mobility Center). First his body had to be prepared and strengthened to use a wheelchair. He has had two chairs, the first was one he was able to use in the later stages of his rehabilitation and the second is his permanent chair that he can turn, pop wheelies and sometimes some scary things!
He remained with Bright Eyes in foster care until November 2018 when it was decided to find that “perfect” adoptive home and let him have the forever home every dog deserves. Scout still uses his custom wheelchair which he was adopted with, and also has his own Facebook page called “Scout’s Journey” which chronicles his past life with BEDR and present life now, with his adopters continuing to add to. That “perfect” home did happen for Scout and he is now living with two other BEDR Alumni from the same farm, re-united once again.