Poor Tex has had a rough go, spending most of his life chained up outside and exposed to the elements. When he was first brought to BEDR HQ, his fur was so matted and covered with snow that he dripped water like an icicle.
When he was surrendered to Bright Eyes Dog Rescue, volunteers knew that his first stop needed to be to our grooming partner Round of Apaws. BEDR is so grateful for the staff at Round of Apaws and they work they do year round for us. Uncovering Tex was a difficult process, but what they found was a lovable pup underneath all of that hair. Can you believe the transformation?
Tex is currently enjoying life with his fosters, and is in LOVE with his foster sibling Ginger. He still loves the outdoors, and loves to explore the neighbourhood.
Tex has been adopted, and is living his BEDR life with his new family!