Meet Wiley. He was found with a badly damaged body, begging for food, and was taken to the local RCMP depot where they were asked to shoot him. Officer Dave, unsure if this dog was saveable, saw something in Wiley and reached out to BEDR for their added wisdom and compassion. With due diligence, a vet was consulted and it was determined that they were optimistic that they could help repair much of the damage to give him a second chance at a full and happier life. The damage to him was not recent, it was suspected that he had been hit by a car, and there was much to repair. The femur of his right hind leg was fractured and healed unnaturally with the top of the femur damaged and out of socket. The ligaments and muscles holding the joint in place had shortened and needed additional repair. The left hip was also damaged, needing the ball and socket reshaped. His pelvis had been broken and healed crooked.
The Western College of Veterinarian Medicine in Saskatoon performed a lengthy Femoral Head Ostectomy, a salvage procedure performed to alleviate pain when all other options are exhausted, on one hip, then the other after the first had healed. Through it all, he won over the hearts of his doctors and caregivers with his loving responses. After surgery, he began physical therapy, including water therapy at the Lakewood Animal Clinic. Slowly he began to test his legs and basked in all the attention he was receiving. His patience and loving response to all caregivers continued and it was obvious his tail worked just fine. After five months of extensive procedures and heaps of love and care, he was adopted into a family that adores him and loves to bring him to show off at BEDR events.