This little mister had a rough start to life. He is actually 12 days old in the first picture and weighed in at a miniscule 204g. He is the only surviving pup of 7 pups. His Mom was not/could not feed him and his siblings because they were premature. The owner contacted Canine Action Project in PA and they picked up the 7 pups on June 13, 2020 at 24 hours old. The pro bottle feeder that had them tried so hard on them all, but unfortunately despite her efforts, the others passed.
Calvin came to BEDR on June 15 and his situation was touch and go. He was battling dual eye infections and his eyes had not yet open. He was on antibiotics for the eye infections but the biggest challenge for BEDR was to get this pup to eat. Calvin was moved to a second Foster home where he could get the regular bottle feeds he needed. Slowly he started to gain weight and his eyes improved.
The weigh ins were as exciting for his foster mom as they were for all of the volunteers with BEDR. Anyone involved with BEDR watched the facebook group for the new updates. On July 7, Calvin joined the 1lb club, weighing in at 510g. 1 month later his awesome foster mom wowed us all with a huge number (well huge for Calvin) 2309 grams (5.26lbs).
With that weight he was ready to leave his bottle feeding foster and head for his last foster family to show him how to be a dog. At 12 weeks old, Calvin was adopted and is living the BEDR life with his family, including his new sister who he loves to cuddle. As you can see in these pictures, Calvin has grown into a full sized dog.